Welcome to The Lone Star Hog! We’re happy to have you here and in Fayetteville, in general. This site is being updated daily, so we’d love it for you to reach out and give us feedback. What would you add? What would you change? What other information would be helpful to you?


1. Who is this site for?

It’s for YOU! We have family and friends in Arkansas and Texas and it can be hard to find all the information you want for your stay on one site. PLUS…if you have a child going to the U of A, you want to really get to know the town! You’ll be coming here a lot to explore, visit, and chat and we’ll help you find all the good spots.

2. I know a place that needs to be added!

Fabulous! Email us at jen@thelonestarhog.com and give us the details.


3. My experience at a place listed on this site wasn’t great…

Ugh! Don’t you hate that? We can’t guarantee that you’ll love every place on here and that every night is their very, very best night to serve or entertain you. We try, but perfection is not promised.

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