Why Should You Invest in Buying Real Estate in Fayetteville?

Rental Income

  • Your student could be earning equity in a home instead of paying rent to someone else
  • Rental income from roommates can help cashflow the investment

Tax Advantages

  • There are tax advantages to owning a home in Arkansas as property taxes and mortgage interest are deductible in most instances
  • Costs to maintain the property as well as depreciation are also considered business expenses if you set up the residence as an investment/rental property. (Consult your accountant for professional advice)
  • Visits to Fayetteville to check on or maintain the property may also be deductible expenses

Value Increases

  • After your student graduates, you can rent it to other students or sell it (most homes appreciate in Northwest Arkansas every year)

Financial Case For Buying Real Estate in Fayetteville, AR Assumptions:

Student attends college for 4 years
Purchase a 3 bedroom, 2 Bath home for $299,000
Finance the home for 30 years at 6.5% interest
Appreciation of 3% per year
3 Roommates live in the home

VALUE APPRECIATION: Assuming a 3% appreciation rate, the property would be worth $326,725 after 4 years, a net value of $27,725 for you! Other advantages/considerations:
  • Parking
  • Noise control
  • Pet ownership
  • Roommate choice
  • Safety
  • Eliminating the stress of searching for housing each year
  • Place to stay when you visit Fayetteville
If you have several children that will attend the University of Arkansas, the benefits compound!

Lisa Morstad, NWA Realtor

Properties go quickly in the Fayetteville/Northwest Arkansas Market

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